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Thu Jun 3 02:59:18 EDT 2010

Hello Niels,

>> > - saving of last position before exit
> no, problem I guess. Do you need this for the network mode only or for
> offline map you load separately?

It will be enough to save the position before program exit (the last
viewed map), I think.

>> > - download of several map levels at once (like TangoGPS does)
> What would be the use case for this? Beeing faster to use? Having tiles
> offline 
> available tough you didn't look at them directly?

The speed is not problem (it's fast - it seems to be much faster than the
on my Neo Freerunner). But in some cases I may want to prepare maps for
offline use (for example, when I plan to use maps in place without

> on how large an area you want to download. Should the POIs be displayed
> the 
> map or just listed somewhere? Something like: find the nearest

If would be great :-) But it is not necessary if it is complicated.
I thought about having few points (position of hotel where I will stay and
These poins I can find in desktop map software and save them to text file.
Then I will want to load them to NanoMap.

But it probably will be enough if it will be possible to mark some points
in the NanoMap (functions like "mark current position" and "go to position
by coordinates").

Many thanks and best regards,
Jiri Brozovsky

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