Nanonote-Debian key map problem

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Fri Jun 4 10:07:52 EDT 2010


yes in OpenWrt we change the kernel file.
map the AltGr to [RED UP Arrow], CtrlL to [Blue Fn].

we can try to remove the 500[1] patch when compile Debian kernel.
then modify the keymap in Debian userspace.

On 06/04/2010 08:15 PM, marc zonzon wrote:
> I think I see what happened, you changed your keymap. For BNN as their
> is no proper keymap in console package you have to rely on the Kernel
> Keymap, I now remember I had the same phenomena than you after trying
> to test different keymaps, even dpkg-reconfigure console-data, let me
> with a broken Keymap.

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