Nanonote-Debian key map problem

marc zonzon marc.zonzon at
Fri Jun 4 13:14:58 EDT 2010

2010/6/4 Rubén Berenguel <ruben at>:
> I can't believe it. I changed /etc/console-tools/remap to well, remap
> the problematic keys on boot time. I rebooted. Now it works... but I
> only changed Q and ALL letters are now okay. The disturbing part is
> that I found the problem with the keys yesterday night, and I did shut
> down the nano during the night. And this morning it didn't work at all
> (I mean, the keyboard problems, the nano works OK).
> Loadkeys does only take effect on reboot, maybe?
> Ruben

Loadkeys work at any time, but at reboot it loads the kernel keymap,
it's why I told you to remove
/etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz that replace the kernel map at boot and **


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