Nanonote-Debian key map problem

marc zonzon marc.zonzon at
Fri Jun 4 13:43:06 EDT 2010

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 4:07 PM, Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu at> wrote:
> Hi
> yes in OpenWrt we change the kernel file.
> map the AltGr to [RED UP Arrow], CtrlL to [Blue Fn].
> we can try to remove the 500[1] patch when compile Debian kernel.
> then modify the keymap in Debian userspace.
> [1]

Thank you Xiangfu, I needed to find where the kernel keymap is
modified, now I have seen this patch.
I think we must keep this patch for Debian too, so the keyboard works
once the kernel is loaded without any second stage configuration. But
It would surely be good to also have a user space keymap, that can be
used as a base for keymap tweaking and adapting to locales. It would
be usefull also when your lost after changing your keymap as it
happened to Rubén, you can just come back to the good keymap without

To make this keymap seems easy, we have only to mimic the kernel patch.

But what would still more needed is a Keymap for  X Keyboard
Extension, because with X you cannot rely on Kernel keymap, I mean
Xorg, including Xfbuffer and kdrive, not other frame buffer access.

It's why when I launch X I cannot use any modifier. The  XKB keymap
have a different syntax than console keymaps, but using the mapping of
the patch, we can achieve it.

I'm too busy theses days but if nobody does it before, (may be it's
yet done?), I will try when I find some time.


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