Congratz on being slashdotted

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Jun 5 08:33:40 EDT 2010


> Just a big congratulations on appearin on slashdot yesterday.

Yes, thanks. That was nice indeed, it's good to see some people think
this is a newsworthy project...

Actually David's interview recently was also very cool
and Kevyn-Alexandre Pare mentioning Ben NanoNote on

> It would be interested to hear how much it showed
> on the website visits and also if it resulted in any
> purchases. visitors (google Analytics, still not switched to

Monday: 249
Tuesday: 374
Wednesday: 292
Thursday: 455
Friday: 7985

Actually I think the servers held up nicely, which is great. The improvements
we did after the March launch helped (8 GB RAM etc).
We sold 49 Ben NanoNote from Hong Kong that I would think are of slashdot or origin. Probably David or other distributors had some more sales.
For us this is all very nice. Total we sold maybe 800 Ben NanoNotes now.

As you know there are many good things in the making. jlime is one of
them, Lars fantastic upstream submission of Ben NanoNote kernel patches
is another
It's great that some more people have NanoNotes, now we need to make sure
they really enjoy them, software and documentation gets better and better.
So people keep recommending the Ben to their friends, and more come back for
the Ya NanoNote one day...

Thanks for all your support! You are around since the beginning! :-)

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