Congratz on being slashdotted

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Jun 5 23:33:34 EDT 2010


copyleft hardware means that all knowledge needed for production is free.
That would include the CMOS, NAND, LCD, etc.
However, realistically we will not get there for a long time. That's why
I have no problem mentioning Ben NanoNote as copyleft hardware even though
it is not 100% copyleft today. But at least we are trying, and I think we
have gained some credibility in that we are really serious to get there.

I think we need to state in more places (wiki, sharism homepage) that 100%
copyleft hardware is our goal and mission statement, not what we have today.

> Does an off-the-shelf voltage regulator pass the test?

Is the knowledge to manufacture it freely available?


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