Suspend to disk? SD-HD

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Jun 7 22:14:42 EDT 2010

a microSD card is basically a NAND chip plus some IC to run wear-leveling
not very unlike our UBIFS in Linux. The small IC can even be an ARM core.
So basically if you have a microSD card instead of NAND, you are adding a
few components (connector, plastic casing for microSD card, controller and
wear-leveling IC inside the microSD card).
The advantage is flexibility like you described. You can upgrade the microSD

> Cons:
> I don't know, really. I guess there should be some?

Modularity adds cost. For Ya NanoNote, we will evaluate MCP packages that
seem to become more common now, where you have memory and NAND packed onto
each other. A very high priority is to drive the cost of the NanoNotes
further down. You can always boot from microSD anyway.


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