Nanonote on Linuxtag

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Jun 8 03:39:40 EDT 2010


> On LinuxTag, Berlin, 9-12.June, you can check out Nanonote on the booth  
> of Kernalconcepts (entry of room 7, provided from us,
> And also another Nanonote booth of Hackable Devices (room 7.2b, provided  
> from

oh that is nice, thanks for the heads up.
I added the information to the wiki

I guess we missed helping with some marketing material this time, there are
some things up in the wiki already

Actually we are about to print a few nice stickers, not in time for this
LinuxTag though on our end. If you have ideas for material that would help
you, or new designs, please share on the wiki page or mailing lists, and we
would love to help get it printed/made.

Good luck for LinuxTag, hopefully some people will be interested in copyleft
hardware. Keep us posted, Cheers,

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