Sound card support in BNN-debian (and my battery problems)

Rubén Berenguel ruben at
Thu Jun 10 05:50:59 EDT 2010


I tested the mic a while ago, using "rec"... And it worked. I recorded
a high pitched whistle several times... and once I got the knack of
rec -> correct format -> play that file, me and my girlfriend where
startled about the sudden sound. But I have not tested the mic under
debian, and probably won't do in a while... Yesterday I dist-upgraded
my Ubuntu system... and ended without keyboard, mouse or USB-mouse
support in X. And didn't find the problem through the console (the
system didn't recognize any input device, not even the battery status
"in" or "out"), so I had to clean reinstall and will be quite a few
days sorting out the mess of reinstallation of programs and setups.

By the way, I can't show you a nice battery related picture I took
yesterday (my SD card reader is in my now reinstalling netbook).
Yesterday I turned the nano on at around 9am, and forgot about the
little guy... and when going to sleep at around 1am (yes, that's 16
hours) I logged in to check battery status, if it was alive still and
whether to put it to charge for today. That is what I found:

cat capacity shows 0
cat voltage_min_design shows 36000000 (I estimated the num of zeros)
cat voltage_now shows 34520000 (less than min).

I halt-ed, and restarted it this morning (after 8 hours of off) and it
was the same. Isn't it odd?

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 11:39, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> Marc,
>> hardly usable. Is it a hardware problem or a driver problem. I suppose
>> you have previously tested the microphone at QI?
> Must be a driver problem, and no, the microphone was never tested with
> free software before, so you are a real pioneer :-)
> If you ask how is it possible to produce and test devices on the production
> line then the answer is that we are still using proprietary software there,
> so it's not our Linux kernel that is used for production and testing.
> For Ya NanoNote we will try to have freed up the production testing software
> as well, actually that's why it's great we are now in the process of going
> through all peripherals and making everything work perfectly in free software.
> Wolfgang
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