Using Firestarter to get your NanoNote on the Net

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Fri Jun 11 06:50:32 EDT 2010

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 07:20:56PM -0700, mark adrian bell wrote:
> I've been using the Firestarter firewall on Ubuntu for years now. One thing it offers is easy internet connection sharing. So today I thought I'd try it out with my NanoNote, and yes, it works! I know there are instructions on the Wiki for doing the same thing with IP tables, but this is bit easier for non-technical people like me.
> - Set up a USB ethernet link to your NN.
> - Open Preferences -> Network Settings in Firestarter
> - Set the Local network connected device to Usb0
>    (See screenshot)
> - Start the firewall. It wont start if there's a problem with your 
>   connection to the NN or to the net.
> - On your NN, set the default gateway to address of your host computer,
>   the one which is connected to the internet.
>   For me, the address is, so I use:
>   # route add default gw
> - Still on your NN, make a file for /etc/resolv.conf. Mine is the same
>   as the one on my host computer.
> - Run Lynx on your NanoNote and enjoy the net!

indeed firestarter will help on the host compuder to avoid iptables commands, but
you still have to enter ip conofis and DNS in the nano,

I know the nano arelady comes with an ip, but i think not a DNS ot gateway,
if those optios are set by the default in the official image will help a lot
may be using a public DNS and setting a gateway in

Then in the host side firestarter could  be set to just the ip needed.

Other i thing i think must come enable by deafult (if font already i dint check),
is a rsycn server so we can use it to sync data wil the device.

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