Nanonote running Abiword

Alexander Langshall frankblues at
Fri Jun 11 19:04:51 EDT 2010

> Interesting, what driver do you use for Xfbdev, myself I use evdev, I
> suppose you don't do the same because before configuring xkb, I had
> only lower case working. With evdev configuring the input you must
> provide a xkb keymap, but with an other driver it may be different.
> Quite interesting to see this abiword, I would not have had the idea
> of trying it, of course because I'm not a big user of these "word
> processor" (emacs+latex is good for me) but also because I would never
> have imagined that it could run with a 32M ram without swapping
> constantly. Could you tell how much resident RAM it uses?

Abiword is using about 8636kb when actively typing (38MB virt), fluxbox 
1732kb res (12mb virt), and Xfbdev is using 1784kb res (8276 virt). I 
haven't been able to do much other than a little typing because most 
dialog boxes overfill the screen and are impossible to navigate. I'm 
wondering if there's a way to get the dialog buttons / pulldowns / etc 
to be smaller throughout. I figure it's more proof of concept than 
usable - I think jlime's pda apps might be a great thing to use on the 
NN. Most of what I've been doing with my NN is seeing what can/will work 
from a user standpoint. I'm not really a coder - I just know enough to 
be slightly dangerous.

In terms of driver - no clue. I just installed the packages available in 
jlime and beat on it until it started to work. I'll see if Rafa can tell 
me and I'll get back to the list.


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