emacs OpenWRT port (was: Booting OpenWRT and Debian)

Rubén Berenguel ruben at mostlymaths.net
Sat Jun 12 04:47:03 EDT 2010

Once I have my toolchain installed again I'll give it a try. I read
somewhere else about just creating the small emacs file and then
halting the compilation (just create the barebones emacs executable).
Maybe this could help?


On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 10:42, Thomas Karpiniec <tk at 1.21jiggawatts.net> wrote:
> Hi Ruben and list,
> On Sat, 12 Jun 2010 09:50:21 +0200, Rubén Berenguel
> <ruben at mostlymaths.net> wrote:
>> We need an emacs port for OpenWRT!
> I'm working on one but it's proving tricky on account of the build process
> using intermediate binaries. The basic process seems to be build a tiny
> emacs -> fire it up, load a bunch of modules -> dump to a full-featured
> emacs, and compile a bunch of elisp scripts too. The "fire it up" stage is
> obviously a problem for cross-compilation.
> I'm busy with exams over the next week and a half so if anyone's in a
> hurry to get it working here's my initial (but incomplete!) Makefile and
> collection of patches: http://1.21jiggawatts.net/u/emacs-wip.tar.bz2
> Cheers,
> Tom
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