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Niels Kummerfeldt niels.kummerfeldt at
Sun Jun 13 06:34:23 EDT 2010

Am Samstag, 12. Juni 2010, 01:40:13 schrieb jirka:
> Hello Niels,

Hi Jiri,

Thanks for your feedback.

> This is great. Many thanks!
> Just some comments:
> - I would prefer the "h" key  for the help instead of the "?". It's more
> easy to use.
> - Other graphical apps for NanoNote (imgv, nupdf) use "Esc" for quit - is
> it possible ho have also "Esc"key for this function?

Yes, they both make sense. I added the two keys for now (old ones still work) 
and changed the help message.

> - I tink that it might be better to store the nupdf.conf file in the Maps
> directory

I guess you meen nanomap.conf?
Can you explain what the benefit of the other location would be.

> - The yellow banner for markers is OK. But maybe something like a small
> cross or a dot int the precise position of marker will be also usefull.

I added a little arrow below the marker that is pointing to the exact 
location. Hope you like it.

The source can now be found at git:// so I 
will only attach the binary.

> Many thanks and best regards,
> Jiri Brozovsky

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