battery life monitoring

Adam Wang adam at
Sun Jun 13 21:43:12 EDT 2010


Amazing contribution it is! So much encouraged me to keep learning
Python. Your this fantastic info is what I wanted to learn and have
it. Thanks again for your sharing. Especailly to me who is very not
familiar with this s/w coding along having long time to learn. But
it's really good experimental example.

> I guess the curve will behave different at lower voltage levels, but the cutoff
> volt is ~3.0, right?

Yes, I think you got info from [1]. So a low voltage detector circuit
that can shut down the cpu jz4720 when monitors Battery’s voltage goes
down -VDET (2.94~3.06V) detected by BL8506-30NRM. Then this part its
detection triggers jz4720 pin123<PPRST_N> immedately. Always be nice
that many experimental data explored then to converge your this
Battery Monitoring page.


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