U-Boot crashes when trying to boot microSD-card

Thomas Karpiniec tk at 1.21jiggawatts.net
Fri Jun 25 08:43:58 EDT 2010

Good day all,

On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 11:16:58PM +0000, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> thanks for the detailed bug report! I think Xiangfu said somewhere yesterday
> he wanted to look into this bug today, we have also seen it already,
> generally with larger microSD cards (try a 1GB card if you have one).

I too am running into this bug with a 4 GB SD card trying to boot a
kernel for Debian. I'm not yet sure where to start, but if there is
any further troubleshooting or testing by which I could help to track
down the issue let me know.


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