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> (1) still states
> "SAKC (Swiss Army Knife Card) is a USB-FPGA expansion board for
> NanoNotes.", however the person that (I think) is the main developer
> of it has stated in this thread that it actually is a completely
> separate device, developed I'm pretty sure by people not affiliated
> with Qi hardware - if that is correct, then that page should be
> updated, or removed, or moved to a wiki that is of more general scope.

You're right SAKC is a different device, but is part of QI hardware
project. Right now, BEN lack hardware interfaces with the real world
and can be used as SW development tools. SAKC was originaly thinked as
NANO extension, but we decide use NANO as hardeare development tool
for hardware hackers. Right now SAKC share a lot of HW components and
will use the same development tools used on BEN, but allow create
applications with real wolrld interaction. NANO is the SW development
tools and SAKC the HW development tool of this open HW and SW tool.
You as SW guy can develop and use both platforms.

> (2) As a person interested in Qi hardware and their current production
> model the Ben Nanonote, I'm sort of missing what the point of
> commonality is that keeps the two projects on the same mailing list,
> wiki, etc.
In a near future QI server will host a logt of open HW & SW projects,
related or not with NANO, the QI philosophy don't force to follow NANO


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