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2010/3/8 Carlos Camargo <cicamargoba at>:
>> >> mmmm interesting and risky  at once (risky due my soldering skills and
>> >> after open it and ckeck with my own eyes if the pads are as small and
>> >> close as seems in the photo, and yes they are. ), my hope was using
>> >> any TP below the battery as serial alternative to avoid open the
>> >> device, but if this way is feasible and some one helps me in how to
>> >> access it via  OS, (what /dev/* device is and/or how to rise ), beside
> I don't know if the best choice is use the serial port under battery, If you
> wire this port you can plug the battery again, and you need an usb cable all
> the time.
Carlos doing a home made adaptor you can conect to the pads without
need of soldering , and is thin enough to put the baterry again, and
pushing a little bit you can close the battery cover, so for me this
is not an issue.

> Is not difficult use TP4 and TP5,  I'll send some pictures showing
> the process for wiring this TPs.
Cool I want to see them :) what is cooler than connect an arduino...??
connect two arduinos!!! :)
> I'm sending an example code to your private mail.

>> > You can also use the buzzer itself; its wires are already available.  Of
>> > course you lose the buzzer then, because you remove it.
> Buzzer is only one processor signal, the another one is GND,
So there is a ground near :) good!
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