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Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Tue Mar 9 12:24:23 EST 2010

On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 07:07:39PM -0800, Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> Sorry to prolong this thread, but the following is a puzzle to me:
>   mini USB: USB 2.0 High Speed Device
>   micro AB USB: USB 1.1 Host
> I thought the Ingenic SOC only supports USB 1.1

No, it has only 1.1 host support, but 2.0 client support.

A problem with the micro-AB connector is that it is not a micro-A
connector (which doesn't exist).  That means it is possible to plug a
USB host into it (as opposed to a device), and the NanoNote will be
unable to communicate with it.  If there is a spare GPIO pin, it is
possible to disable to port when that happens.  I don't think it's
possible to make it work as it should (as an on-the-go device, which
will take the server or client role, as appropriate).  In any case that
is probably not a good idea, because it would disable the mini-B
connector (or at least make things break when it's used) while a USB
client is connected to the micro-AB.

The only really clean solution would be to use a standard A connector,
but that is huge and doesn't fit in the NanoNote.  So this will have to

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