BEN's LCD works on SAKC

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Sat Mar 13 06:46:01 EST 2010

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 01:46:09AM +0000, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> One thing - the board has a microSD slot. Does anybody know full-size SD
> cards like GPS or Wi-Fi or other things that could justify switching the
> connector to a full-size SD connector?
> Looking at the picture, space on the board seems to be very limited, but
> anyway I thought I bring it up because if we decide for microSD now we
> probably won't change it later...

I thought the SAKC would be large compared to Ben, mostly because of all
the connectors that have to fit on it?  So I wouldn't worry about the
size of a non-micro SD slot.  micro-SD is annoying in general, there are
converters to normal SD, but not (practical) the other way around.  So
if space is no issue (and I thought it shouldn't be), IMO you should go
for normal SD.

Congratulations with the progress, it sounds good!

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