New images - finally! :)

Mirko Vogt lists at
Sat Mar 13 09:56:54 EST 2010

Hey all,

new images for the Ben NanoNote are out! :)

It took a long time, lot's of things needed to get cleanups, revised,
rewritten - however now we have a solid base for further development.

Almost all major graphical toolkits are now supported by our little Ben
(qt4 is not yet included, but most likely it will get into the next

A selection of apps included, which show the great potential of our Ben:

 - gmenu2x - a graphical application launcher based on SDL
 - stardict - a powerful dictionary based on GTK2
 - vido - an offline wiki viewer based on OpenZIM and GTK2
 - dgclock - clock/calendar based on SDL
 - gtkperf - a GTK2 demo application

(Re)Flashing your Ben:

The easiest way to get the latest images on your Ben is to use our

Just call it without any arguments and it will download the most recent
official images and flash them onto your Ben.
Please use a recent version of the script, as older versions may not
work correctly with newer images.

Please give feedback and/or report issues in the respective

Have a nice weekend and...

keep on hacking! :)



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