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I release a variety of hardware and code under a variety of licenses,  
mostly public domain. I have a phased licensing approach for the PCB  
artwork only of a few projects, they will also eventually be released into 
the public domain.

Thanks for your interest,


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> Contact form submission from where|is|ian (dot com)
> Name: paul (IP: , static-adsl190-7-138-249.epm.net.co )
> Email: paul at kristianpaul.org
> Whois: http://private.dnsstuff.com/tools/ipall.ch?domain=
> Message:
> In the last years projects like qi-hardware.com/arduino.cc are pushing a new copyleft ecosystem for hardware, i noticed dangerous prototyped uses a CC BY-NC licensed as you now have limitations for others get involve manufacturing this hardware, i'm asking you formally to consider remove the NC clause and move to CC BY-SA, so the copyleft ecosytem will grow and other projects can benefit from each other.
> One clear example of copyleft is the nanonote device (nanonote.cc) wich is CC-BY-SA.
> So again please consider the move for dangerousprototypes.com.
> Best regards
> Cristian Paul

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