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On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 9:29 PM, David Reyes Samblas Martinez
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> Yes I know , I very overpost in this issue , but here I go anyway,
> My intention is not program an arduino board(yet) ,the goal is to
> exchange information between Ben and Arduino  to make able to interact
> together

Some probably impractical for the vast majority of situations ideas
that haven't been mentioned yet in this thread:

(1) communications via audio, with something like multimon - - (there are a
bunch of similar pieces of free software). These probably all assume a
mic out, so you'd likely need to do either do some ben nanonote
hardware hacking to reroute the internal mic externally, or find /
write something that can work like the super-old-school 300 baud "put
a telephone headset on a cradle" type modems.

(2) Timex datalink watches did unidirectional communications via
flashing a (CRT) monitor; perhaps something similar could be done with
some variety of photosensor on the arduino side.

(3) MicroSD to SD adapter + cheaper wireless card (I'm trying to
source full-sized AR6001 SD cards, but if you don't care about binary
blobs it looks like you can get 802.11b for about $30, so total price
would be about $40).

I'm thinking it may be possible to produce an alternative battery
compartment cover that would have room for a full-sized (or longer, as
some wifi cards are) SD card; I'll look into this more if I can source
the AR6001. I know there are no case CAD files available, but I've
found a place that will do 3D scans and massage them into CAD file
formats free software can understand for around $100. But so far
low-volume plastic production looks pretty expensive (on the order of
$50 per cover); but I have some friends with makerbots and similar
items, so perhaps that could work for low volume.

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