when boot from sd card. bootloader will load kernel in first vfat partition of sdcard

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Mon Mar 15 10:32:23 EDT 2010


we update the bootloader in openwrt-xburst.git
now when boot from sd card. need format sd card at least two partitions
first: vfat
second: ext2

1.  put the kernel in vfat partition with name "uImage".
     *the kernel name must be "uImage"*
2.  put the rootfs in ext2 partition
     *sudo tar zxvf openwrt-xburst-rootfs.tgz -C /PATH/TO/SD_CARD_SECOND_EXT2_PARTITION/

press [M] while power on will goto [boot from SD card].

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