A proposal on SAKC

Adam Wang adam at sharism.cc
Tue Mar 16 00:41:23 EDT 2010


Sorry, wrong segment typing.

> 1) Stacking above the core board, using J19 ( Header 20 * 2, ADs, FPGA
> I/Os ), J7(I2C), J6(UART), J16(AD pins & Audio I/O ); so need a
> supporter like use header to be the 4th position (arround C14 ) to
> stack diversified daughter boards, to make staking stable
> mechanically. Making daughter boards be a commodity.

If using this, headers are needed to change to female
headers and make daughters with headers on bottom side.

> 2) No stacking, using J19, J7, J16 to be the extendable purposes only;
> this will cause your daugter board having three cables at least. Too
> complicated.

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