New images - finally! :)

Angus Ainslie angus at
Tue Mar 16 00:48:52 EDT 2010

On Saturday 13 March 2010 07:56:54 am Mirko Vogt wrote:
> (Re)Flashing your Ben:
> The easiest way to get the latest images on your Ben is to use our
> ""-script[2].

I've tried this twice now and my ben doesn't appear to boot anymore. The 
charge light comes on when I plug in the usb but the screen never changes. 
Below is the output from the flashing.


netbook:/usr/src$ sudo ./                                          
chosed version:   latest                                                                     
working dir:      /tmp/NanoNote/latest                                                       
chosed method:    http                                                                       
booting device...
present files are identical to the ones on the server - do not download them 
flashing bootloader...
flashing kernel...
erase nand rootfs partition...
usbboot - Ingenic XBurst USB Boot Utility
(c) 2009 Ingenic Semiconductor Inc., Qi Hardware Inc., Xiangfu Liu, Marek 
This program is Free Software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Now checking whether all configure args valid: YES
Current device information:
CPU type is Ingenic XBurst Jz4740
Crystal work at 12MHz, the CCLK up to 252MHz and PMH_CLK up to 84MHz
SDRAM Total size is 32 MB, work in 4 bank and 16 bit mode
Nand page per block 128, Nand page size 4096, ECC offset in OOB 12, bad block 
offset in OOB 0, bad block page 127, use 1 plane mode
 Execute command: boot
 CPU data: Boot4740
 Already booted.
 Execute command: nerase 16 4080 0 0
 CPU data: Boot4740
 Erasing No.0 device No.0 flash (start_blk 16 blk_num 4080)......
 Finish! Return: 00 02 08 00 00 00 00 00 (position 4100)
 Force erase, no bad block infomation!
flashing rootfs...

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