Ben Nanonote boot image

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Thu Mar 25 18:56:29 EDT 2010

Curiosity question: how will your image differ from the OpenWRT image
that Qi Hardware provides? There's is totally free, open, libre.

There are a couple of interesting OS projects happening for Nanonote:

-- a built from scratch OS that is not derived from anything else.
-- a port of Inferno, the Bell Labs successor to Unix.

I ~really~ like those very clearly differentiated OS projects which are targeted
at Nanonote. But respectfully,  do we need another flavor of OpenWRT?

I am not convinced. <g>

Speaking ONLY for myself, my dream is that with Nanonote we are able
to avoid the Tragedy of the Open Moko (my phrase,,,;) where there it
came to pass that there were so many competing distributions that it
was VERY confusing to an average user.

I am a bystander and do NOT speak for the project in any way shape or form.
Ron K. Jeffries

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 15:43, Robert Call <eight190 at> wrote:
> Hello everyone. I have successfully created an microSD card boot image for
> the Ben Nanonote. I compiled the sources for OpenWRT and extracted the
> results to the root directory of an microSD card. It is just a skeleton, but
> I created it so I can make changes without harming the flash image on the
> Ben Nanonote. I am going to host it on my website in a few days.
> My next goal is to cross compile GNU Emacs for the device and a few other
> applications. If you have any suggestions or questions for me about the boot
> image, feel free to email me at eight190 at
> FSF member #8115
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