[SAKC] Kicad files

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Fri Mar 26 22:27:10 EDT 2010


> I've uploaded the new kicad SAKC's version.


Based on what I collect from people, my proposal on how to continue is like
this: Adam reviews the kicad files, and makes 10-20 PCBs. We then send PCBs
and components (separately) for 10 of those 'run 2' SAKC to you in Bogota

You solder and test all 10, keep 5 and send the other 5 to Mirko in Berlin,
who can give them to interested hardware hackers in Europe. We probably
need to increase all of those numbers somewhat to account for yield.

Our common goal in this round 2 is to raise the quality of software support
for SAKC, and especially to develop enough testing software and testing
scripts that allow us to do a somewhat larger run efficiently. This could
also benefit future Ben NanoNote runs.

After we have established a good test procedure (i.e. software running on
the board testing everything), we could make a run of 100 or so (that would
be "run 3"), and put them into our shop. We would need to produce and source
the LCM and PCB behind LCM as well then, I think SAKC should be sold together
with LCM.

Finally, you are planning to use SAKC in your next academic year, starting
in August, where you would need about 40 of them for your students.
So the goal would be to have all this done by August. If we are too slow,
worst case we can always fall back and send you just PCBs and components,
no mounting or testing on our side.

That's the rough current proposed plan, I'm sure there will be changes to
this plan. It's an open process here, hope everybody understands that :-)
Any feedback?

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