Status of vanilla kernel

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Mar 27 01:28:23 EDT 2010


> Best if the one that has written the drivers and stuff be the maintainer of it, but
> I can help clean up the patches for upstreams if you want.

Definitely, anything you can do would be very much appreciated. Maybe
sync with Lars and others that are regularly doing things in the kernel.

As for "the one that has written the drivers to be the maintainer" - there
is no hope that anyone working directly for Ingenic can do this anytime
soon. Not even because they don't want to, but simply because that would
by far overwhelm both their communication and technical abilities.

The one thing I stress on my visits there is that they start taking more of
our stuff back to base their work upon. They are aware of our kernel work
in OpenWrt, I don't know how much they really understand what's going on or
are able to rebase their stuff on it. Eventually they will get it, we should
just continue to do what we do.
If anybody can see signs in all their different kernel versions that they
take things back from upstream or Qi, let me know.

I think Ingenic hacks away on 4 different Linux kernels now :-),, and now also two new ones coming with or integrated with
the Android sources:

This is new stuff, Ingenic just added it to the rsync job that publishes sources
via the Qi server.

I am not sure whether this helps anyone, but that's their work, and hopefully
what we see over time is that they base their work on more upstream compatible
stuff like ours.
Definitely let's not wait for them to step up as maintainers though. They
are _hackers_ in the true sense :-)

Best Regards,

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