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Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Sat Mar 27 14:46:51 EDT 2010

On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 09:34:19AM -0400, Robert Call wrote:
> If there was a "non-free" and "free" feature flag for OpenWRT, the Free
> Software Foundation would never support the Ben Nanonote because the OpenWRT
> project makes references to or advertises non-free software.

This is clear.

> If we want the Free Software Foundation to support the Ben Nanonote,
> we need a new GNU/Linux distro that does not advertise "non-free"
> software.

Sounds good.  However, if this new distro is going to be a fork of a
non-free distro, they will want to follow the original, as far as it is
free.  If the original implements features to make it especially easy to
remove everything that's non-free, that makes life a lot easier for the
free distro.  They can simply copy the non-free distro, remove the
non-free directory, and ship it.

To me it sounds like a very good idea to collaborate on this sort of
thing.  With such a feature, the differences are minimal, which also
maximizes the chance that new features or bug fixes in LibreWRT are
usable in OpenWRT.

I'm not in any way working on this, or going to work on it.  But it
sounds like LibreWRT is saying "we don't ask the OpenWRT guys, because
they're probably not interested anyway".  That sounds like a bad idea.
Even without asking Mirko already said yes. ;-)

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