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Thu Mar 4 03:16:31 EST 2010

2010/3/4 Mirko Lindner <mirko at>:
> Hm, I don't think that is a huge problem, many are using the wiki and also
> found the log in button.

Mirko, I  disagree , the fact that some of us, than really want to
colaborate in the wiki,  and have found where the button doens't mean
we don't have to scratch our heads for a while searching for it until
you realize than it's at the bottom ,you have to do scroll to find it,
and even doing so is not really highlights from the copyright stuff,
an also is below the copyright stuff the usual end of every page out
there, I usually stop reading at this point,

and ok once you find it, problems end, but I'm sure more than one
spontaneous editor doubting if he will some change or not and had
decide to leave due doesn't worht the head schraching...

> The front-page concept might be similar in as far as the wiki content is
> concerned, but they do not have a header, which was the reason for us moving
> the login button to the bottom of the page.
Bad decision man

> Personally I would prefer those buttons to be in the left side-bar, but as
> everything worked so far with the buttons be down there I did not see a
> reason to move them again.
I agree maybe is has not be the top most priority item in the TODO
list but , actual position of the login/register is bad if you want to
increase the number of editors, at least now you can assure that the
editors we have are really motivated :P

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