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> The Qi Hardware wiki is about copyleft hardware, the Ben NanoNote is only
> one example. I like the namespace idea though That remenber me something,
from point of view SAKC is not copyleft at all,
i read here before it was writen/designed in Orcad wich is not
free/libre sofware,
so will be migrate to kicad if it works (is that right?). so it really
was an idea for sharing


With due respect, Ben Nanonote was ~not~ designed in Kicad or other
free, open, libre softwtware, It was an existing commercial product
that Qi Hardware acquired through the magic of Shenzen [1]
(if I understand the history correctly.)

The person who converted Nanonote schematicis to Kicad was
 Dr Carlos Camarago, the very *same* guy who is following
the copyleft phikosophy by designing the Swiss Army Knife Card
SAKC, which is  one "physical computing" (easy access to many digital
and analog i/os) extension of Nanonote.

The Nanonote we buy today (and I hope it sells like crazy!)
is NOT manufactured using a design in Kicad. That will be the NEXT
version, which has gone through a couple of small test runs.
It also has a couple of design tweaks to move the product forward,

I agree that the relationship between Qi Hardware
and the sharism.cc is less that totally clear. There is not
a legal entity around Qi Hardware to my knowledge. When
that was worked out it became Sharisim which is the
commercial entity that procures and ships product.

By the way, the case for the Nanonote has not yet
been opened. I don't care, but just pointing out
that when we start with a commercial deign, there
are tradeoffs between getting started, and a cmpletely
open product.

Ironically, one of the first parts of the Freerunner from
OpenMoko that was opened was the 3d design of the case.
It was never converted into open design tools
(that I am aware of).
Copyleft hardware" as I understand it is about hardware
designs that are open, and available to anyone who
wants to build the same or a related hardware. The software
that runs on copyleft hardware is FLOSS, no binary blobs

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shenzhen
Ron K. Jeffries

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