mailing list update

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Mar 11 07:00:49 EST 2010

today I finally fixed a long-standing issue with our mailing lists in that
some people could not send to the lists because they got 550 relay not
permitted errors.

Thanks to ghislain from who helped me track it down we found
the root cause: The DNS record for a domain which receives mail
( should not be a CNAME record (which it was), but a
regular A record. Otherwise some mail clients such as qmail would change
the domain of the To: address say from developer at to
developer at (the CNAME/hostname of the machine
processing mail).
Oh well, another lesson learned!
Hope posting to the lists now works for everybody.

Another thing - there is a general debate whether Reply-To headers in
mailing lists should point back to the list or not, see

"Reply-To" Munging Considered Harmful


Reply-To Munging Considered Useful

For the discussion list, I now turned off having the Reply-To header point
back to the list. Since we are trying to open the discussion list for
non-subscribers, I believe that is better in guaranteeing that the original
poster will get a reply.
It may mean however that some people who meant to reply to the list will not
do that, unless they understand the difference between reply-to-sender and
reply-to-group in their email clients.

I am open to feedback, let's just try to see what happens with this Reply-To
thing turned off on the discussion list...

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