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> The reason I am personally interested in GPS is that from all the big
> RF interfaces right now (GSM/3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS), I think GPS is
> the one that will stay around the longest, and the protocols won't be
> touched, definitely not in a backward-incompatible way.
> I think GPS is built into way too many 'things' in the whole world,
> including massive amounts of military gear, so finally this 'installed
> base' does something good for us in providing stability of this protocol.
> From a free software perspective, building a GPS device tailored for a
> passionate and growing group like OSM contributors makes sense.
> We could try to find GPS chips that are as 'thin' as possible and allow
> us to implement as much as possible of the GPS protocols in free software.

I would agree that GPS is likely to last the longest among the current RF
interfaces on current consumer electronics devices. Open GPS device running
free software is something we should keep in the back of our minds as we
work to get Bens sold and SAKC and Milkymist produced.


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