Boot hangs [Was: Re: How to enable sound on the nanonote?]

Niels Felsted Thorsen nift at
Fri Mar 12 06:05:11 EST 2010

David Reyes Samblas Martinez <david at> writes:

> Known bug
> see

Thanks for pointing that out.

Tried to flash the rootfs/kernel/u-boot from 2010-01-10. Flashing went
fine, but when i power on the nanonote, there is this scrolling text
in the beginning. The Openwrt logo comes op, and then it just hangs
there. Never reaching "Press Enter to activate this console".

Tried to flash the latest image also, which I earlier succesfully
flashed and booted, but this time it also hangs at the Openwrt logo.

I used the script and for all I know, the output on the
commandline indicate a succesfull reflash.


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