Ben NanoNote New Owner's Questions

kahl at kahl at
Sat Mar 13 12:50:33 EST 2010

David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
 > this film is only for protection in manufacturing manipulation and
 > transport, it's not intended to be on the device for normal use, it's
 > usually removed by the costumer once arrives at his hands as you can
 > see it becomes ugly quickly with normal use :)
Thank you! I added this answer to the

page I started, where I am accumulating such new owners' questions
(being a new owner myself),
and hope that answers will magically appear...

I still have a couple of open questions
concerning power state transitions ---just copying that section from the
wiki page:

 What does opening/closing the lid do, and under which circumstances? 

 How long do I need to press the power button to switch Ben on? 

   Apparently three seconds. 

 How long do I need to wait until I see any reaction to switching Ben on? 

   Apparently about one second. Then some pre-boot messages scroll by for
   about two seconds until it says ``Starting kernel...?'' and switches to the
   OpenWrt welcome screen. That screen then sits there for about 20 seconds
   before it offers you ``Please press Enter to activate this console''. 

 What is the proper way to switch Ben off? 
 (There is no shutdown command, and ``init 0'' seems to be doing nothing.) 

 Does it come with any suspend mechanism installed? 

 How unintended is it to have to use the power button to switch Ben off? 

 How long do I need to press the power button to switch Ben off? 

   Apparently four to five seconds. 

 How can I switch Ben off while it is in USB_BOOT_mode,
 with no usb_boot tools on the host side? 
 (I ended up taking the battery out.) 

 The ``Please press Enter to activate this console'' sometimes disappears.
 What kind of state is that? 

 When I insert the battery, it at least sometimes starts up
 even if I don't press the power button. Is this intentional? 


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