New NanoNote user questions

Phil Endecott spam_from_qihw at
Thu Mar 18 10:48:03 EDT 2010

Dear All,

My new NanoNote arrived a couple of hours ago and I think I am going to 
enjoy playing with it.  I have some basic questions; can anyone help 
with these?  Thanks.

- Has anyone installed Debian yet?

- How do I tell what SW version I have?

- How do the USB network MAC address(es) work?  Where is it stored?  
Does it have one for each end or something?  (I see different addresses 
in ifconfig on the device and on the PC.)

- Is there an easy way to set up DHCP?

- Can anyone recommend a (preferably UK or European) source of 
compatible WiFi cards?  Expansys lists the SDW-823, but it has an 8-day 
lead time and is quite expensive.

- Is there an easy way to change the console font size?

- Has anyone tried changing the keyboard layout?  (I would much prefer 
to have numbers in a row.)

- Can I make Page Up work to scroll up in the console?

- Does the power LED change colour when it's fully charged?  Does it 
charge while it is "off"?

Many thanks,


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