Qi-hardware/NanoNote forum

marc zonzon marc.zonzon at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 13:25:45 EDT 2010

The developer list could stay as list and available thru gmane (I
would like qi admin eventually register!),
The discussion list which is more for short interactions, and that
user may want to consult freely and use it only when they have some
question may go on a forum.

What will be important if the traffic increase is to make a clear
distinction between these two lists, we certainly don't want to see on
the developer list long comparisons with other products, comments on
firms, people, strategy, opinions,  ... It is a discussion and anybody
can be interested by a thread or ignore it, but  it should stay on the
discussion list or forum.

I must not send the present mail to developers! Here your free to say
it's stupid, and useless. ( and you will be probably right!)


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