Ben NanoNote battery life

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Probably standard Nokia battery doesn't fit (too thick):    (start at 1:30).

As for finding replacement battery, it could be made very easy by just offering original NanoNote batteries to buy as spare.

As for battery, the Dingoo has nearly twice our battery capacity while being a very similar device (hardware/size).
My point is, What Dingoo can do, we could probably do, too. 
IMHO we could strife for at least 6 hours.
I would propose a larger battery for future NanoNote.

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> Hello
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> > I think increased 
battery life should have top priority in any future
> > 
> I'm still waiting for my nanonote (shipped 
from spain), but from the
> videos I've seen the battery looks 
compatible with standard nokia
> batteries.
 being able to easily find a replacement battery is more
important that total battery life. If 2 standard cellphone batteries
 could somehow fit, I believe it would be a better idea (along with
 leaving some room for connecting stuff on the RX/TX)
Good suspend/resume would be important in any case however.
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