New NanoNote user questions

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Fri Mar 19 09:37:16 EDT 2010

thanks Phil Endecott.

I just make the [VOLUP] [VOLDOWN] keys works.
  [SHIFT] + [VOLUP] = scroll up the console.
  [SHIFT] + [VOLUP] = scroll down the console.

  [RED] + [VOLUP] = PageUP
  [RED] + [VOLDOWN] = PageDOWN

to enable this must install the kernel and fn-handle under here:
(those feature in xiangfu/tmp will goto next release image)

On 03/19/2010 01:10 AM, Phil Endecott wrote:
>>> - Can I make Page Up work to scroll up in the console?
>> map the VOL_UP to PAGE_UP. VOL_DOWN to PAGE_DOWN.
>> then you can use: "shift + pageup" and "shift + pagedown"
>> to scroll the console.
> Hmm, so are you saying that I can't use two modifiers (i.e. shift+fn+up)
> due to some fundamental limitation?
> Presumably remapping the volume keys requires a kernel change as above.
> It would be good to be able to do this dynamically.

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