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 - a wikipedia reader with easy search capabilities (thanks to the keyboard)
> The 2nd one however seems quite interesting. So I'm wondering which
> wikipedia reader application currently work on the NN? I've seen
> various screenshots of zim-reading application, and it doesn't look
> quite good. Most of the screen space is wasted on icons

I think the screenshots you are recalling are from Xiangfu's startdict port,
but he changed the UI and there are now no icons blokcing valuable space
either. Vido[1] (the openzim gtk reader app) does not come with any icons
only keayboard shortcuts.

> I'm thinking about a simple to use user-interface, and I'd to check if
> any existing applications are close (and can be tweaked) before
> redoing the wheel.

I think the UI is quite simple and straight forward. There are currently
three major construction sites with vido:

1) getting the mouse cursor to be movable using the 4-Way key
2) making the gtkhtml widget stop resizing after loading a new article
3) making image support reliable

> Are these apps using the framebuffer in gtk2? Is Qt usable enough? (I
> remember Qt on a Zaurus 5000d, developed ed with 32 Mb - it was barely
> tolerable when more than 1 app was launched)
Yes, the gtk app is running on top of directfb.

I haven't seen qt in full action yet only from a video[2]. Mirko (the other
one) is working on that.

Let me know if you wanna dive into vido, i'd be glad to decrypt some of my
crude code ;)


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