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On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 5:30 PM, Guylhem Aznar <nanonote at> wrote:

> Hello
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 11:25, Mirko Lindner <mirko at> wrote:
> > Let me know if you wanna dive into vido, i'd be glad to decrypt some of
> my
> > crude code ;)
> I will be glad to help! I have little gtk experience though - just did
> a couple of apps.
> > 1) getting the mouse cursor to be movable using the 4-Way key
> Why? There's no touchscreen - you shouldn't bother with the mouse action.

It is for clicking on links. Using the tab key to iterate through the links
is not really a great usability experience ;) And wikis without links are
... well I will spare you my comparison row ;)

> The last gtk app I did was a picture renamer (basically, you have a
> full folder of pics from your digital camera, you want to give them
> names to have them indexed) Setting the widget order for text
> navigation with the tab key was the best solution I found - along with
> moving to the next entry whenever "enter" was pressed thus confirming
> the new filename.
> For a wikipedia reader, a tab key switch between widgets might not
> even be necessary. I see basically 3 actions :
>  - scroll : use up/down
>  - search : initiatiate a search with a key, type the string, then
> find next occurence on the current page
>  - change article : initiate a search with another key, type the
> string, then select the article you want.

Right now you have:

- scrolling
- help
- search article
- random article
- go back
- go forward
- see history
- navigating using the links in the article

Ah, just realized ... you mean a text search. Hm, that's an interesting
idea. But I am not sure if the little Ben can cope with that. Realtime
search on an html text while filtering the tags ...


> For a scrolling indicator, the best solution I've seen is a 1 px line,
> with a 2 px width indicator where the page is, inversely proportional
> to the total number of pages. Considering the low screen resolution,
> this would leave most of the space for the reading.
> Search and change article could be popups, activated with the fonction
> keys for ex.
> What do you think about that?
> Do you have some screenshots or videos to get me started on the UI?
> I will download the sources and try to run vido on osx gtk2 until I
> have the nano.
> G
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