How many individuals have Nanonotes so far?

mark adrian bell m487396 at
Mon Mar 22 06:44:15 EDT 2010

I just got mine in the mail today.

Things I can see to play with right away:

The vi/vim editor. I'm actually more used to Emacs, but it doesn't look that hard to learn:

The bc program for math calculations:

The Lua scripting language:

The Awk text processing language:

The mcedit text editor, for when I'm too tired to figure out Vim:

The Aplay command line music player. Must see if it will play my .ogg files off a microsd card:

Things I'd like to do:

- set up a user account /home/mark.... OpenWrt has no addusr command. I suspect that Linux from Scratch will be useful for finding out how to do this:

- set my date and time zone. Once again, Linux from Scratch will probably have instructions. I bet Gentoo Linux has instructions also:

- Use my Nanonote as an alarm clock.

Kind regards to everyone involved in this project!

-- mark adrian bell
   sydney, australia


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