Just bought a nanonote ....

Lee Jones slothpuck at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 18:35:16 EDT 2010

I've just recently bought a nanonote - actually it arrived only a couple of
days ago (it got to me here in the UK very quickly!).

It looks really intresting and useful. The tiny keyboard is quite usable and
the screen is bright and clear not fuzzy at all.

Just have a few(!) questions about this device though. I understand that
right now this device isn't going to be "like" other devices, so it won't
have all fully formed software and soforth. What I am hoping to do with my
nanonote is to replace and old Sansa E280 music player.....

Will there be a music and video player for the nanonote at all ? How far
along is this? It would be really useful if there was - even better if such
a program could record off that internal mic. as well.

Can I get a replacement battery for the nanonote at all? There's nothing
wrong with its existing battery :) was just wondering since it looks very
similar to a phone battery.

I would try to compile programs for the nanonote but making a makefile and
debugging programs is .... a tiny bit beyond me (I'm no programmer!). Is
there another way at all to cross-compile?

Any chance of a commodore 64 emulator? :) That would be fun!

Overall the nanonote looks to be a really useful device -- even though there
is no wireless this device could potentially replace my old Sansa E280 - the
ability to type on that keyboard is a big plus for me :) !

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