alsamixer and aplay on version 2010-03-22

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Mar 26 01:35:40 EDT 2010


> Alsamixer and Aplay don't work for me in this version.

sorry for the audio problem, we are aware of it already and should be fixed
(again) soon. Actually we are starting to work on a test plan now that all
official images will go through.

In general you can write up bugs in the issue tracker

> Kind regards to everyone working on this great device.

Thanks for the kind words, very nice. Actually since you write from
Australia, we had quite a few orders from Australia and unfortunately
right now they are all shipped individually from Hong Kong, which is
expensive and slow.
We are looking for an Australian distributor.

One thing you could do is ping some individuals or known FOSS-friendly
online shops or distributors about the Ben NanoNote, tell them they should
carry it :-)
Software should improve over the next few months, maybe someone sees the
potential for larger volumes in the future and is willing to help us get
started now...

Keep your feedback coming, have fun, and welcome to our project,

P.S.: I saw on your Flickr profile that you like photography, since you seem
to like Linux/free software as well, do you know the Elphel cameras?
Very cool cameras I think, don't have one yet but thinking about it...

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