Openwrt svn vs Qi git

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Fri Mar 26 07:40:11 EDT 2010

Hey there,
Since a couple of days I was messing with Openwrt building system, I
was using the official Openwrt svn to build the Ben Images, Mirko V.
sugest that better use the Qi-Hardware git to obtain the lastes
I thinking about it and arrive to this  (maybe wrong) conclusions:

-We should OpenWrt svn as source of the stable releases, once Wolfgang
have a validating check list the lastest release than pass that test
should be the one aviable to build in OpenWrt, and all apps included
in that distro must work 100%

-use the git as develovment repo, to be able to be on the edge lastest
changes, things maybe broke some times and se can include apps not
fully working here

What do you think?

David Reyes Samblas Martinez
Open ultraportable & embedded solutions
Ben NanoNote, Arduino, Openmoko
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