Spectec SDW-823 WiFi available on Amazon

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Fri Mar 26 21:46:52 EDT 2010


> - chip vendor seems to stop providing Spectec, so basicly this product  
> is already EOL. I think announcing such information is a part of the  
> 100% Copyleft idea as well.

Heh true, if it were that easy :-)
Silicon vendors regularly declare a chip EOL, but as long as orders come
in you can still buy that chip, for many years. Spectec has told us that
they want to know our forecast for SDW-823. I am sure we could order any
amount of them, in fact if someone would order 10K or more, even Renesas
would wake up and put more resources into it.

But none of that will happen.
The SDW-823 is available. It's crazy expensive because Spectec needs to 
recoup their one-time engineering effort over a very small volume that
this card was produced in, and ever will be produced in.

I think this will be my last post on SDW-823. We took it quite far. I
visited Hiroki Sugimoto in Tokyo (the guys making the KS-7010 chip
inside SDW-823). I visited Spectec in Taipei several times.
We bought about 15 of those cards, we gave them to our best hackers. They
had fun and got Wi-Fi to a certain level. Routing over the NanoNote rescued
Lars once! :-)
I don't think it's consumer ready, and ever will be (even the fact that
the card is a separate item that can fall out, get lost etc. makes it
unmarketable for me).

The Ben NanoNote has no Wi-Fi, and we have no clear path forward how to
add Wi-Fi. It is much more likely that we will improve other aspects of
the device before we add Wi-Fi.
All sorts of things can be hacked into the SDIO capability of the Ben,
SDW-823 is one of those things. I think we maxed it out already.
It's great that pulster.de bought some of those cards for the die-hards,
I hope he can sell them.

For the Ben NanoNote, we will focus on using free software to bring out
all the hardware can do already.
If you look at the Ben NanoNote, and the first thing you think about is
Wi-Fi, maybe the Ben is not for you.
If you want to do crazy things with the Ben, and try Wi-Fi, you can get
the SDW-823 from Pulster that costs almost as much as the Ben itself :-)

Ben has no Wi-Fi, will never have Wi-Fi. We don't even know whether we
add Wi-Fi to the Ya NanoNote (Ben successor).
Wi-Fi is a highly proprietary thing on the lower levels, we are more
likely to add a radio capability to NanoNotes where they can only talk
to each other, instead of adding proprietary chips that pull us into
many dependencies that are bad for us long-term.

My last post on SDW-823. Yeah! :-) Now I can focus on the rest of
the Ben :-)

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