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Hi Georg,

A similar thing happened to me when I reflashed with version 2010-03-22. I used the U + PowerButton to get USB boot mode, and after the reflash, I had to press the reset button on the back to get it to boot into the new version.

- mark

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> Hi,
> I got my new Ben NanoNote this week, and now I'd like to
> flash the
> latest software onto it, so I downloaded and
> xburst
> tools and just start without arguments while
> connected to
> the Ben in USB mode, so it downloads the latest bootloader,
> kernel and
> rootfs and flashes them afterwards.
> After some time it says it's ready. Then I pull of the USB
> cable and
> the battery, put the battery back in and try to switch it
> on - but the
> Ben won't switch on, the display keeps dark, and if I
> connect the cable
> and try lsusb on the PC, it doesn't see it. 
> I tried this on an X86_64 machine with Ubuntu 9.10 and an
> x86 notebook,
> also with Ubuntu 9.10, same effect, Ben is directly
> connected to the
> USB port, no hub involved.
> I tried versions 2010-03-22, 2010-03-20 and just now tried
> out
> 2010-03-26 (which is latest since yesterday), same effect.
> But: When I put the NanoNote in USB bootmode now by
> shortening the pins
> on the back and try " -bk", flashing only the
> kernel and
> bootloader, it will work afterwards.
> So it seems that the bootloader and/or kernel is
> overwritten by the
> rootfs flash - might I have a bad or too small flash? How
> can I test
> this? Or do I do it wrong? 
> I copied the logfile of the full flash to
> if you want to look at it.
>   Georg
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