Suggestion on Wiki internationalization

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Mar 31 08:34:18 EDT 2010


> following are some suggested rules about best practices to localize
> the Qi-Hardware wiki, I want to share/disscuss with you all
> Of course is a wiki and everybody has the freedom to do whatever they
> want if done with collaboration and share willing but, in order to
> maintain some order :P, I will apply that rules in my collaborations
> on translation to Spanish and I just want to share.

Yes what you propose all sounds good to me. As for 100% localization, I
am actually committed to that in the long run.
I want to have fully localized wikis. But right now the administrative
overhead of setting it up is too much, so as usual we do this step by step.
First have all content in one wiki, and use the best localization approach
possible in one wiki, which is using the /language-code suffixes and
{{Languages}} template.

Then, on the server, slowly prepare for a better setup for fully localized
wikis. Grow copyleft hardware more (a fully localized wiki also requires
some really dedicated people maintaining it). Finally branch out to fully
localized wikis. Could be a year or two out though, I think.
At that point, all localized content including history will be carried
over to the fully localized wikis.

So thanks for anything you do right now to grow the Spanish content!
If you need any help, let me know...

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