nupdf ported to Nanonote

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Sat May 1 15:51:08 EDT 2010

I don't have any free time to work on nupdf for a while, so feel free to make a proper package from it/whatever, and bug reports are always welcome of course. Thanks for the support :) darfgarf

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> succesfuly ported a pdf reader to nanonote, nupdf  I'm actually using
> it :) sources and binary along with istrucctions on how to install
> here

Nice! And I still haven't installed the 0408 image on my Nano...
We need to make sure nupdf gets integrated into the OpenWrt package feed,
which by the way seems to be at:

I'm counting 2153 packages there! :-)

If anybody wants to help get stuff packaged for the Ben, please register
an account at
Then email me your account name to get commit access to the openwrt-packages
project at

Happy sharing,

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