xburst-tools / usbboot

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Wed May 5 10:31:18 EDT 2010


> daten at mia:/plain/src/xburst-tools.git/usbboot$ ./configure && make && make install

I have delete configure.ac under usbboot/ and xbboot/
instead I create "Makefile.am autogen.sh configure.ac" under the root folder of xburst-tools.
so for the last xburst-tools needs:

  $ cd /plain/src/xburst-tools.git/
  $ ./autogen.sh
  $ ./configure --enable-firmware  --prefix=/usr
  $ make
  $ sudo make install

then you will got "usbboot" and "xbboot" in /usr/bin

On 05/05/2010 07:13 PM, Mirko Vogt wrote:
> Hey Xiangfu,
> in a clean checkout of xburst-tools, usbboot does not compile for me
> http://pastebin.com/DVmgi72P
> Could you please take a look at and fix it or reset to the latest
> working revision?

Best Regards
Xiangfu Liu

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